The Right Honourable Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey, K.G., P.C.

Known asEdit

  • 1764-1786: Charles Grey, Esq.
  • 1786-1801: Charles Grey, Esq., M.P.
  • 1801-1806: The Hon. Charles Grey, M.P.
  • 1806-1806: The Rt. Hon. Charles Grey, M.P.
  • 1806-1807: The Rt. Hon. Charles Grey, commonly called Viscount Howick, M.P.
  • 1807-1831 The Earl Grey, P.C.
  • 1831-1845 The Earl Grey, K.G., P.C.



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House of LordsEdit

Preceded by:
The Lord Barham
First Lord of the Admiralty
Succeeded by:
Thomas Grenville
Preceded by:
Charles James Fox
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs
Succeeded by:
George Canning
Preceded by:
The Duke of Wellington
Prime Minister
Succeeded by:
The Viscount Melbourne